Residential/New Construction Electrical Services

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Residential/New Construction Electrical Services

At Jake Electric we specialize in offering premium electrical services for new building projects as well as residential properties, making every home we work on safe, practical, and modern.

Electrical Planning for New Construction

Strategic Electrical Design

In new construction, careful electrical design is essential. In order to create an electrical system that is safe, effective, and fits the unique requirements of each house, we collaborate closely with architects and builders.

Customized Electrical Plans

We design our plans with your new home’s layout and specifications in mind, making sure that outlets, switches, and fixtures are positioned as efficiently as possible.


We take into account your demands and those of the future, making it simple to upgrade and modify as technology and requirements change.

Advanced Electrical Systems for Modern Homes

Smart and Sustainable Solutions

In order to accommodate energy-efficient appliances and smart home technology, modern homes need sophisticated electrical systems.

Smart Home Integration

We install systems that work with smart home gadgets, so lighting, heating, and security systems can all be automated and controlled remotely.

Energy Efficiency

Our installations put a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge technology to cut down on power usage and utility costs.

Safety and Compliance in Residential Electrical Work

Adherence to Codes and Regulations

Our first concern is safety. We make sure that all electrical work in newly constructed buildings conforms to the most recent safety standards and guidelines.

Code Compliance

Your home’s electrical system is safe and compliant with the law since our work complies with all local and federal electrical codes.

Safety Inspections

To ensure the dependability and safety of your electrical system, we carry out comprehensive testing and inspections of every installation.

Electrical Installations in New Homes

Expert Installation of All Electrical Components

Every component of the electrical system in your house will be fitted with care and precision thanks to the expertise of our team of qualified electricians.

Comprehensive Installations

We take care of every facet of electrical installation, from simple wiring to intricate home automation systems.

Quality Materials

To ensure longevity and optimal performance, we exclusively utilize the best materials and components.

Long-Term Support and Maintenance

Dedicated Support and Maintenance Services

We are not done with our dedication to your house after the first installation. To maintain the best possible condition for your electrical system, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services.

Regular Maintenance

To guarantee that your electrical system continues to be secure and effective, we offer routine inspections and upgrades as part of our maintenance services.

24/7 Support

Our staff is on hand 24 hours a day to offer timely and efficient solutions in the event of any electrical problems.

FAQs for Residential/New Construction

What does electrical planning for new construction involve?

To answer your question, electrical planning for new construction entails creating a thorough electrical system that is tailored to the unique requirements of the new house. This entails preparing for a enough power supply for appliances and gadgets, placing outlets, switches, and fixtures in the best possible locations, and making sure all wiring is code-compliant. In order to develop an electrical plan that is safe, effective, and customized to the homeowner’s lifestyle, Jake Electric works closely with builders and homeowners.

What are advanced electrical systems for modern homes?

In order to accommodate the newest appliances and entertainment systems, modern homes can benefit from advanced electrical systems that incorporate automated control systems, energy-efficient lighting, smart home technologies, and high-capacity wiring. Our expertise lies in incorporating these state-of-the-art technology into newly constructed houses, guaranteeing that your electrical system is efficient and future-proof while providing the highest level of ease.

How do you ensure safety and compliance in residential electrical work?

Our key goals in any residential electrical work are safety and compliance. We rigorously abide by local building requirements as well as the National Electrical Code (NEC). Throughout the installation process, our certified electricians perform extensive testing and inspections to make sure every part of your electrical system is dependable, safe, and law-compliant.

What is involved in electrical installations for new homes?

To answer your question, installing wire throughout a new home, installing outlets and switches, installing circuit breakers and service panels, and installing light fixtures and other electrical appliances are all part of the electrical installations process. To make sure that the electrical installation is seamlessly included into the whole construction process, we collaborate with other contractors.

Do you offer long-term support and maintenance for new constructions?

Yes, we at Jake Electric provide new constructions with long-term support and maintenance. This covers routine maintenance, problem-solving, and necessary updates. Our objective is to guarantee that the electrical system in your house stays in optimal shape for many years to come, giving you efficiency and safety.